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What the hell is going on with Apple these days?

So by owning an iPad it basically ushers in a whole swatch of first-world problems, no matter your tax bracket.

So get this, my 64gig iPad Air 2 had 400 hundred photos on it which were taking up 35.5 gigabytes of space.  When I researched online, all I got was the worst advice possible: backup and restore, or "you can always restore to factory settings" bullshit.  If I did not think the data on my tablet was worthy in any sense of the word, I woul not need a stranger on the internet to add to confirmations.

In addition, I had that "error -54" happen to me as well?  I did some research on that and the best answer was "there is a file on your device that should not be there, so we cannot sync nor can we backup your device".  Okay, on a 64 gigabyte machine, who would expect me to know where that file is?  "Well you can always sync ten files a time until you do find it!" was the advice I was given....  man, I am technically unemployed but I ain't got the time to do that...

In the end though I rolled over. I updated, backed up and restored.  And you know what, it only added to my first-world problems, even though I am technically unemployed at the moment.  Only 4.5 hours after hitting the restore button the iPad came to life and asked me how it would like to be restored.  I did not understand, so I asked it to restore to the previous settings and.... there is not enough memory on the iPad to complete the restore.  Must have something to do with the 400 photos taking up 37.5 gigabytes of space.  Totally ridiculous, full circle of horseshit.  Fuck this bullcrap, I want out. 

Hopefully I can get all of that music back and Japanese note-taking back as well.  Thank you Apple, you are very good at hiding the serious issues that need to be tackled from the public and are very good and sending your customers into circular internet loopholes as they look for help from the data overlords that choke out the data that their users paid for away into backups that exist but cannot be used.  

More on these first-world problems later!