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the matty b sides -- experimental tri-lingual folk

Wild Thumbprints (Bandcamp) (CD Baby) (iTunes) -- Tri-lingual outsider country-folk-rock album by The Matty B Sides

the dead sea dropouts -- Tokyo's premier Klezmer Group (YouTube)

Matty B Files (iTunes) (Podbean) -- Podcast about music and living in Tokyo

35 - Sarah Naimi (RIKEN/Nuclear Astrophysics)

Sarah uses advanced scientific equipment to make exotic isotopes. Why? Well, It's an effort to understand the stars and how life comes from the stars. Ohhhh. A fascinating perspective and we do not get too sciency, so you do not need to be scientist to understand this conversation.  So listen! Learn something new about the stars and research.  Go Science!

Topics covered in the intro: Fidel Castro, Sink Hole, Music Emails, and more!

Sarah Naimi (Profile Page at RIKEN)

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