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86 : I Hate the Mainstream Media w/ Max von Schuler-Kobayashi

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I hate the mainstream media. I really do. The MSM is financed by so many conflicting entities they end up saying nothing about everything. Or point accusations at places that offer details by portraying anything that doesn't purport the same narrative as being far right, or by slandering individuals with terminology like Nazi, Facist, or Sexual Predator. I have had enough. Details are not racist -- details are uncomfortable, because they burn social narrative schemes like sunlight on mist. People are not plastic icons with clear definitions -- we are complex, selfish, and present faces that might not actually reflect our inner truths.
In this podcast, Max Von Schuler-Kobayashi and I try to unravel some of the recent socio-political activities coming into Japan via the American Mainstream News Apparatus.  We also do some Japanese News Media Deconstruction.

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