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the matty b sides -- experimental tri-lingual folk

Wild Thumbprints (Bandcamp) (CD Baby) (iTunes) -- Tri-lingual outsider country-folk-rock album by The Matty B Sides

the dead sea dropouts -- Tokyo's premier Klezmer Group (YouTube)

Matty B Files (iTunes) (Podbean) -- Podcast about music and living in Tokyo

111 || Jamcast 12 || Nikolas Faraguna || The Fingers Within || 111


A JamCast is when Nikolas and I mic up a drumset, a guitar, hit the record button, and GO. We cover a variety of styles right off the dome. It's a groove and a musical conversation at the same time. 

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This podcast was hosted, produced, edited, written, engineered, and subdued by Matt Bigelow