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MBF - 70 - Artificial Intelligence Exposé w/ Mike Hannah

Now we know A.I.

Now we know A.I.

Mike Hannah, frontman of the Goood Things and the Mootekkis, swung by the Ogikubo Studio where I showed him use-cases of Artificial Intelligence. Topics covered include racist AI, AI music, AI movies, self-flying drones, AI influencing elections, holoportation, and suveillance capitalism. We also review beer and celebrate our 11th year in Japan. 

If you are tired of deceptive billionaires turning their AI pet projects into controversial talking points for the public to squabble over, then this podcast is for you! Learn about actual use cases and applications, not moral commandements!

Musical Guest: Takashi Umemiya - Benjamin's Trail

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This podcast was written, produced, hosted, edited, researched, engineered, and uploaded by Matt Bigelow.

Video Links to AI Programs as Discussed on the Show

DABWM 3 (Drink A Beer With Me)

DABWM means Drink A Beer With Me.  I review a couple of brews and rant about what's going on. 


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