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90: Cameron Lee (Bitcoin Bonker Boners)

MBF 90 - Cameron Lee Bitcoin Part 1.JPG

Until 2017, Bitcoin was a forbidden topic in Japan -- almost no one took it seriously. Wracked by scandals and seemingly unwelcome, Bitcoin currency was shunned by the mainstream Japanese culture. But in 2017, that all changed when the Bank of Japan officially recognized Bitcoin not only as a legitimate currency, but also permissioned Bitcoin Exchanges in Japan. Since then, Bitcoin has been all the rage. 
Cameron Lee runs an online store and was taking Bitcoin as a payment option. Since then, he has delved into the Bitcoin culture in Tokyo and has also taken an interest in Alt Coins, to boot. 
That is what this podcast is about -- two people who sit down and exchange their information on Bitcoin.  This is not an explanation of Bitcoin, or advocacy -- just two people exchanging their thoughts and intel on the world's leading cryptocurrency. 

This podcast is part 1 of 2. Tune in next time for a brief look at what They are telling, and not telling, you about IoT. 

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