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the matty b sides -- experimental tri-lingual folk

Wild Thumbprints (Bandcamp) (CD Baby) (iTunes) -- Tri-lingual outsider country-folk-rock album by The Matty B Sides

the dead sea dropouts -- Tokyo's premier Klezmer Group (YouTube)

Matty B Files (iTunes) (Podbean) -- Podcast about music and living in Tokyo

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88: DABWM 12 : Cypto Zombie Diners

mb 88 dabwm 12.jpg

I gossip about Baird Beer, review the Top 3 Tokyo Diner Chains, divide Tokyo smartphone zombies into their appropriate categories, ponder culture vs language, and review some tech news. PREPARE!!!

Featured Beer: Suruga IPA by Baird Beer

Music Guest: The Jinglers

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This podcast was hosted, produced, edited, written, and subdued by Matt Bigelow.

87 : Gravy Train

mbf 87 - gravy train.jpg

Gravy Train, from Darwin, Australia and Japan, talks about their 70 show, 3-month-long Tokyo tour, the Australian music scene, writing music, and death.

In the introduction I talk about exporting blood, harvesting space rocks, next level convenience stores, and first-world problems (the best kind of problems!).

Guest: Gravy Train (Facebook)
Co-Producer: Inter Idoru (Facebook -- they help you organise your Japan Tour for musicians)

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This podcast was written, researched, produced, hosted, edited and uploaded by Matt Bigelow

47 no! ... 46 yes! DABWM 7

Yeastie Boys Digital IPA

I was originally recording this as an intro for a guest. But, then I decided that the intros were getting too long, and they have now become their own show. So that's the new format! One week Intro with Expert Phone Calls, Next week Interview. That way I can still have a life and not burn through the well of potential interviewees available in Tokyo. So there!

In this episode of DABWM (Drink A Beer With Me) 7, I toss back a couple of beers, talk about tech in Japan... there's a horse, beer reivews, and take calls from Max von Schuler-Kobayashi, a conservative author (Max's Blog), PeeWee (FaceBook), who is our expert beer reviewer, and talk about astrology with Stephen Deg, who fronts Orangey (ReverbNation). 

Today's Musical Guest is the Mootekkis (YouTube), fronted by Mike Hannah, who was on the iconic 10 Years In Japan episode. 

Strap in!