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the matty b sides -- experimental tri-lingual folk

Wild Thumbprints (Bandcamp) (CD Baby) (iTunes) -- Tri-lingual outsider country-folk-rock album by The Matty B Sides

the dead sea dropouts -- Tokyo's premier Klezmer Group (YouTube)

Matty B Files (iTunes) (Podbean) -- Podcast about music and living in Tokyo

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88: DABWM 12 : Cypto Zombie Diners

mb 88 dabwm 12.jpg

I gossip about Baird Beer, review the Top 3 Tokyo Diner Chains, divide Tokyo smartphone zombies into their appropriate categories, ponder culture vs language, and review some tech news. PREPARE!!!

Featured Beer: Suruga IPA by Baird Beer

Music Guest: The Jinglers

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This podcast was hosted, produced, edited, written, and subdued by Matt Bigelow.

87 : Gravy Train

mbf 87 - gravy train.jpg

Gravy Train, from Darwin, Australia and Japan, talks about their 70 show, 3-month-long Tokyo tour, the Australian music scene, writing music, and death.

In the introduction I talk about exporting blood, harvesting space rocks, next level convenience stores, and first-world problems (the best kind of problems!).

Guest: Gravy Train (Facebook)
Co-Producer: Inter Idoru (Facebook -- they help you organise your Japan Tour for musicians)

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This podcast was written, researched, produced, hosted, edited and uploaded by Matt Bigelow

MBF Podcast 77 - John McCraken (Craft Beer Japan)

Craft Beer in the Park of Surreality

Craft Beer in the Park of Surreality

Craft beer expert John McCraken (@MasterCracken) and I sat met up to explore the craft beer boom occurring in Japan.
Check out his Facebook page BeerBeerBeer for all things Japan Beer. 

Musical Guest: Robert Taira Wilson

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This podcast was produced, researched, written, edited, hosted, engineered, and uploaded by Matt Bigelow.