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69 - Nikolas Faraguna (JamCast 2)

Post Jam Face

Post Jam Face

In Jamcast 2, guitar extraordinaire Nikolas Faraguna (@nikolasfaraguna ) and I record a jam featuring, rock, reggae, psychadelic, groove, and country. 

In the intro I talk about busy tourist destinations and how to avoid them, and after the jam I cover some news topics about food, tech, and odd events occurring in Japan. 

Download or stream the episode, and go for a walk or cruise around the town.  Boosh!

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63 - We Singing Colors (Romania)

We Singing Colors in Tokyo Subway 2017

We Singing Colors in Tokyo Subway 2017

We Singing Colors, a new-folk duo from Romania, talks about the music scene in Bucharest, political assassinations & revolution, and their Japan Tour on this episode of the podcast.  They were really fun to hang out with and I liked their music as well.  There are a couple clandestinely recorded live songs available towards the end of the podcast. Give it up for We Singing Colors!

We Singing Colors (Site) Roxanna & Andrei

In the intro I talk about bicylce scammers in Tokyo, and review a very talented beer.
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Co-Produced by Apryl Peredo (Tour Booking in Japan)

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MBF 56 - Royal Bravada (Rock from Milan!)

Royal Bravada is a rock n roll band touring Tokyo, and we breakdown the Milan music scene compared to the Tokyo music scene. I learned a lot! These guys play balls to the wall rock, and that's why they are this week's guest. Co-Producer Credits go out to Apryl Peredo. She can book your tour. You are just one-click away from booking your Japan Tour.

In the introduction:
I have seen and heard a lot of people talking about North Korea recentely, and possible military action. There are very complex social relationships between Japan and Korea. There are 100,000s of ethnic Koreans in Japan that fall into separate sub-groups. I deconstruct some of these sub-groups as a way to raise awareness about how the complex social relationships between China, Japan, Korea, and Russia will probably override miltary action. A little history goes a long way.  To be honest, it not a good idea to say "bomb this, they're bombing that, bomb bomb bomb!"

BTW -- I have music that you can buy.

Matty B Files (54) -- Count the Thief (Thailand Band)


Count the thief (Thailand-based Indie Band)


Apryl Peredo (Interldoru) (Music Manager, & Co-Producer of today's show)


Max Von Schuler Kobayashi (Japan Korean Relations Analyst, Ex-Marine, Former Spy)


Stephen Deg (Astrological Expert, Musician)


Matt Bigelow (host)

Variety Galore in today's episode!
In the intro I rant about what it's like to wake up to no coffee in the house while being threatened with nuclear war by a neighboring country.
Then we travel to Shinjuku where Thailand-based band Count the Thief sat down in front of a punk venue with me and we talked about their Japan tour.  They are also the music guest.
After the interview I take a call from Japan-Korean relations analyst Max Von-Schuler Kobayashi where he gives the low-down on the current naval fleet heading to potentially bitch-slap North Korea.
Finally astrological technician Stephen Deg delves into his star-knowledge that perhaps explains how our on-the-brink-of-war socio-economic position may in fact be MANDATED BY THE STARS!
Like I said -- Variety Galore in today's Episode.
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50 - Jay Ken (Midnight Snakes)

Jay and I sat down in a dodgy... room let's cal it -- in Shimbashi, Tokyo. His band, Midnight Snakes, plays 70s inspired rock and sings lyrics about the nightlife and sketchy sides of living in Tokyo. 

In the intro I present solar panel roofs, YouTubers who complain about their free platform that changes the rules, and play a song from GhostRoads, the movie that was written by last week's guest, Mike Rogers. 

Check out the links below for more information. Or click around on this website and find my music.  You could even buy it

Jay Ken (Midnight Snakes FaceBook contact) // GhostRoads (YouTube Trailer)

This podcast was recorded, edited, uploaded, hosted, written and produced by Matt Bigelow.