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the matty b sides -- experimental tri-lingual folk

Wild Thumbprints (Bandcamp) (CD Baby) (iTunes) -- Tri-lingual outsider country-folk-rock album by The Matty B Sides

the dead sea dropouts -- Tokyo's premier Klezmer Group (YouTube)

Matty B Files (iTunes) (Podbean) -- Podcast about music and living in Tokyo

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139 | Koji, Tokyo Grunge King, Loses his Voice & Finds it Again


In the intro I talk about the Tokyo Immigration Office and European Travel. 

Koji, of D.O.G.S. joins the podcast to talk about how he lost his voice... and found it again! He couldn't talk! Was it a ruse to get likes on Social Media? Or Was it based on artisinal psychological passageways? How much did European STDs have to do with this, and where was cure? ... All of this and more is discussed in detail on the pod.

D.O.G.S. is releasing a new album and are playing at the Ruby Room in Shibuya to Celebrate not only their music, but also an STD-free victory of a man who lost his voice, and managed to find it again! 

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This podcast was hosted, produced, edited, written, engineered, and subdued by Matt Bigelow

122? 121? | Falling Doves (From Hollywood)


Falling Doves are back in Tokyo on their Japan Tour. Falling Doves is a rock band from Hollywood that sounds like a Gutter Whiskey Slide built by Border-Line Degenerates on a Tuesday Afternoon After Waking up Hungover 5-Years in-a-Row. It’s great driving music.

Co-Producer: Apryl Peredo (InterIdoru for your Band’s Japan Tour)