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142 | The Ups and Downs of Surveillance Capitalism


Abusin' the AI Newsin'!  In this episode, I discuss the following topics:

Corporates shifting to Digital Influencers because most real influencers suck at influencing. How Police Robots may be a good thing, in the right light. A layman's explanation of quantum computing, and what it might mean to encryption.  Autonomous driving getting a YEE-HAW from the gov.  FAIL AI REPORTING.  And why your vacuum cleaner may be the biggest rat in the house. 

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  1. Virtual Influencer

  2. China Cop-Bot

  3. Quantum Computing 1 / Quantum Computing 2

  4. Japanese Gov Oks Rules for Auto Drive

  5. Link to AI Fail Reporting

  6. Vacuum Rat

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