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138 | Japan, Month in Review (Matt Bigelow and Max von Schuler-Kobayashi

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Max von Schuler and Matt Bigelow discuss the ongoing Korean-Japan trade war, with tensions mounting mostly on one side. We also discuss the elderly as the emerging criminal classin Japan, and the reasons behind it. In the middle Matt plays a Bamboo Star song, to stand in solidarity withHong Kongersin their protest against the implementation of potential draconian laws. 

Click the links, and save humanity. 

Bamboo StarYouTube video (it's hilarious):

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MBF 73 (72?) - The Best & Worst of Japan Travel

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Japan Wanko (Official Site), a Japan Spoof News Site, and I praise the best, and shit all over the WORST places to visit in Japan. He also gives a top 5 Japanese Male performer list. 

Places Covered: Roppongi, Shimoda, Karuizawa, Yoyogi Park, Matsu Shima, and more!

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This podcast was written, produced, hosted, edited, researched, engineered, and uploaded by Matt Bigelow.

MBF 51 - DABWM 8

I reviewed a Mikkeller 20 IPA and a Vuur & Vlam  and expanded on and introduced a list of topics.

  • List of Topics Include:
    • Cleaning Noises
    • Prosecutors Apologize
    • Tech News: AI & Tracking
    • Kinlay Song (Website)
    • A rebuke regarding a claim that I am homophobic
    • Hanami
    • Japanese Cars for Womyn
    • Short History of Japanese Toilets
    • Yukio Mishima & Philip Glass
    • Japan Wanko Headline Reads (Website)

Recommended: listening while walking

This podcast was recorded, edited, uploaded, hosted, written and produced by Matt Bigelow.


34 // Japan Wanko... is back! (Tokyo Top5s) // Intro: Trolling the Trolls

Japan Wanko wanted structure in this podcast. So he came with some! We talk about our top 5 parks, train lines, and more! This podcast just might make you want to get off your ass and do something, even though you are probably an exhausted adult trying to figure out what your life is really all about.

In the intro I talk about communication issues on social media.  Trolling the trolls.

Japan Wanko (News Delivered with Forced Humour)

Matt Bigelow (iTunes) (Bandcamp) (CD Baby) 

The audio file is larger than 160mb, which SquareSpace says is too much to handle...OOOh SquareSpace can't handle it.  So, you will need to listen via Podbean, and the episode is also available for download.  So no biggie, right?