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the dead sea dropouts -- Tokyo's premier Klezmer Group (YouTube)

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63 - We Singing Colors (Romania)

We Singing Colors in Tokyo Subway 2017

We Singing Colors in Tokyo Subway 2017

We Singing Colors, a new-folk duo from Romania, talks about the music scene in Bucharest, political assassinations & revolution, and their Japan Tour on this episode of the podcast.  They were really fun to hang out with and I liked their music as well.  There are a couple clandestinely recorded live songs available towards the end of the podcast. Give it up for We Singing Colors!

We Singing Colors (Site) Roxanna & Andrei

In the intro I talk about bicylce scammers in Tokyo, and review a very talented beer.
(Matt Bigelow: Official Site)

Co-Produced by Apryl Peredo (Tour Booking in Japan)

This podcast was written, produced, edited, hosted, audio-exported & uploaded by Matt Bigelow.

MBF 52 - Saku Yanagawa

MBF 53 - Saku Yanagawa (Comedian)

Saku is a comedian who spends his time writing in Tokyo and doing comedy in Chicago. He stopped by the Ogikubo Studio and we talked comedy.

Introduction topics include:

  • types of Hanami
  • music
  • Jordan B. Peterson
  • Cotton Club

Music guest --> The Dirty Ts

Saku Yanagawa (instagram) (FaceBook)

this podcast was hosted, edited, recorded, uploaded, written & produced by Matt Bigelow

48 - 3/11 Fukushima (2017)

It's been six years since the earthquake hit, the tsunami struck, and the nuclear reactors exploded in Fukushima.  So I asked three people who lived through Tokyo's version of the nightmare to revisit their experiences. While Tokyo was not a deadly place to be, it was on the verge of falling apart. Tokyo survived, but it certainly dodged a nuclear-tipped bullet fuelled with the power of one of the most powerful earthquakes on record. Yikes!  We had to deal with government confusion, media lies, family pressure, and 900 aftershocks. 900! 

One thing that I've noticed is that time moves us on, and the way we think about the horror we experienced on 3/11 changes.  At the end I rail about the strange events that arose out of the confusion and destruction.  Humans are very strange creatures. There's some gallows humour, but our thoughts are with the people who died, and the people who survived. 

Today's Conversations...

Astrid (Tits, Tats & Whiskers)


Haru (Facebook)

a photo of the fukushima daichi nuclear power plant going up in smoke

47 no! ... 46 yes! DABWM 7

Yeastie Boys Digital IPA

I was originally recording this as an intro for a guest. But, then I decided that the intros were getting too long, and they have now become their own show. So that's the new format! One week Intro with Expert Phone Calls, Next week Interview. That way I can still have a life and not burn through the well of potential interviewees available in Tokyo. So there!

In this episode of DABWM (Drink A Beer With Me) 7, I toss back a couple of beers, talk about tech in Japan... there's a horse, beer reivews, and take calls from Max von Schuler-Kobayashi, a conservative author (Max's Blog), PeeWee (FaceBook), who is our expert beer reviewer, and talk about astrology with Stephen Deg, who fronts Orangey (ReverbNation). 

Today's Musical Guest is the Mootekkis (YouTube), fronted by Mike Hannah, who was on the iconic 10 Years In Japan episode. 

Strap in!

DABWM 3 (Drink A Beer With Me)

DABWM means Drink A Beer With Me.  I review a couple of brews and rant about what's going on. 


  • ParaOlympic Sex & Gambling
  • New Song By the Watanabes
  • Artificial Intelligence In Your Pocket
  • Life Without Identity Politics
  • Paperless Schools
  • Digital Music is Boring
  • Japan Buzzwords 2016 Role Play

Watanabes Links:

Official Site // Video: Ice Age // FaceBook // Soundcloud // Twitter

Matty B Stuff

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The Matty B Sides on...(iTunes)  (Bandcamp) (CD Baby) 

8 - Duncan Walsh (the Watanabes)

Duncan and I sat down in Yoyogi Park and talked about music, Asian scams, and the highs and lows of living in Japan.

the Watanabes

the Matty B Sides

7 - Astrid (Tits, Tats, & Whiskers)