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123 | Memory Hole MixTape Vol 1


Friends, plenty of musicians have graced the podcast with their presence. I review a handcrafted selection of tunes from around the world and revisit my history with the music and the people. A lot of greats, some neutrals, and a few gone sour. Strap in for a mixtape and let your ears ride on the sonic highways peppered with insider gossip.

Track List

PodCast in Review -- 123 (Memory Hole Mixtape Vol. 1) 

  • Android Beach Party “Happy Snail” (episode 3 / 2016 april 10)

  • Sam Bennett “I Used to Ride that Train” (episode 4 / April 17 2016)

  • The Watanabes “Tonight” (episode 8 / May 8 2016)

  • Kyoto Protocol 1 “Bunyi Guitar” (episode 9 / May 14 2016)

  • Icon Girl Pistols “The Foxes Wedding” (episode 15 / July 3 2016)

  • Mickey Acorn 1 “Twin Peaks” (episode 16 / July 9 2016)

  • Mike Hannah “No Mojo” (episode 19 / August 2016)

  • John Hicks ”She Just Wants to Call Me An Asshole“ (episode 23 / Sept 4 2016)

  • Jonny Barefoot “One More in 10000” (episode 24 / Sept 10 2016)

  • Jungles, Beast -- Oct 30 2016

  • Mana Hardcore -- It Might As Well Destroy Her (Nov 12 2016 Ep 33)

112 | Japan, Month in Review (Max von Schuler-Kobayashi)


Author Max von Schuler-Kobayashi (BLOG) and Matt Bigelow discuss Japan's events in July 2018. Topics covered: Bloomberg Editor attacks Matt Bigelow, calling him one of the "racist morons", Japan's new immigration policy, Friends Don't Give Friends Homework, Cult Executions, and more! 


MBF 64 - The Living Deads (American PsychoBilly)

The Living Deads backstage 2017 Hibiya Park, Tokyo

The Living Deads backstage 2017 Hibiya Park, Tokyo

The Living Deads, a psycho-punkabilly country/folk band, talks about their Tokyo tour, American parking lot entrepreneurs, and how they made a business out of the music industry as it stands today. 

The Livind Deads (Official Site)

This podcast was written, produced, hosted, edited, and uploaded by Matt Bigelow. 

MBF - 62 - Jun! Yoyogi Caribbean Festa & Guavaberry Rum

Feeling hot hot hot!  

Jun is the organisor for the Yoyogi Caribbean Festival, which attracts between 10 to 20 thousand people a year. Wow! He is also an importer of guavaberry rum. Jun explains the guavaberry rum, and its story in this podcast. We also talk about a very mysterious truck. 

Yoyogi Caribbean Festival

This podcast was written, edited, produced, hosted, & uploaded by Matt Bigelow

MBF 61 - JamCast with Nikolas Faranuga

MBF 62 - Nik Faraguna

Nikolas Faraguna is a professional guitarist and model in Tokyo. He creates his own pedals and hacks guitars to make his own sound. He shreds, picks, and navigates his way through pretty much any genre you throw his way. We both played as backing members in the Mana Hardcore Band

We set up a jamcast. At the 30 minute mark (or thereabouts) we get into the JamCast. 

What is a JamCast? Well, it's when Nikolas Faranuga and I set up our drum and guitar equipment, plug in some recording equipment, and have a musical conversation. 

A JamCast is an impromptu recording, where you, the listener, hears the sausage being made. This is not a sugar-pop experience for pre-teens. It's for those of us that know how the sausage is made, yet we still eat it anyways, with relish.

Are humans being digitally replicated? Has the first digital virus struck humans?  These well-intended questions are devled into on this week's introduction. Think about it -- our pockets are filled with digital patterns of ourselves on social platforms via our smart tech. And now that data is being amalgamated to be put to use. But to what use? These questions I answer on my own behalf. 

Nikolas Faranuga (Freelance Model Page) (Twitter)

Matt Bigelow -- Buy your copy of WIld Thumbprints today!


This podcast was written, produced, edited, hosted, and uploaded by Matt Bigelow. 

Matty B Files (54) -- Count the Thief (Thailand Band)


Count the thief (Thailand-based Indie Band)


Apryl Peredo (Interldoru) (Music Manager, & Co-Producer of today's show)


Max Von Schuler Kobayashi (Japan Korean Relations Analyst, Ex-Marine, Former Spy)


Stephen Deg (Astrological Expert, Musician)


Matt Bigelow (host)

Variety Galore in today's episode!
In the intro I rant about what it's like to wake up to no coffee in the house while being threatened with nuclear war by a neighboring country.
Then we travel to Shinjuku where Thailand-based band Count the Thief sat down in front of a punk venue with me and we talked about their Japan tour.  They are also the music guest.
After the interview I take a call from Japan-Korean relations analyst Max Von-Schuler Kobayashi where he gives the low-down on the current naval fleet heading to potentially bitch-slap North Korea.
Finally astrological technician Stephen Deg delves into his star-knowledge that perhaps explains how our on-the-brink-of-war socio-economic position may in fact be MANDATED BY THE STARS!
Like I said -- Variety Galore in today's Episode.
Check out the links to broaden your horizon, and to spend time on other platforms besides FaceBook and Twitter.
You could even... buy my music.

This podcast was hosted, recorded, uploaded, edited, written & produced by Matt Bigelow.



50 - Jay Ken (Midnight Snakes)

Jay and I sat down in a dodgy... room let's cal it -- in Shimbashi, Tokyo. His band, Midnight Snakes, plays 70s inspired rock and sings lyrics about the nightlife and sketchy sides of living in Tokyo. 

In the intro I present solar panel roofs, YouTubers who complain about their free platform that changes the rules, and play a song from GhostRoads, the movie that was written by last week's guest, Mike Rogers. 

Check out the links below for more information. Or click around on this website and find my music.  You could even buy it

Jay Ken (Midnight Snakes FaceBook contact) // GhostRoads (YouTube Trailer)

This podcast was recorded, edited, uploaded, hosted, written and produced by Matt Bigelow.

Max Returns! Pro-Trump!

Max is an ex-Marine. He was also a double-agent Communist spy hunter in post-Vietnam Japan, and has recently written a pro-Trump book in Japanese.  Check out his blog. Check out his book.

Liberalism has gone off the rails, and in this podcast, we talk about the failing news media, why Trump won, and I also play some clips from Trump's speech in Mexico, a clip from an Islam Immam, and some other goodies as well.

Politics is very much divided at the moment, and although I am a traditional liberal, I find myself unable to really believe what liberalism has become in the past 5 years, which is to say, I do not think that identity politics being pushed by people in their 20s is going to be very helpful for me as a straight white male who wants to leave other people alone so that they can find their own prosperity in life. That's why perhaps a vote for Trump is a vote for prosperity. I don't agree with everything he says, especially about torture and the building of a wall, but I do agree that international business relationships need to change, as they are based on largely post WWII agreements.  I do believe in strong borders, and building infrastructure.  So when I look at the options -- identity politics, which are about as volatile as the bitcoin trade, or jobs related to engineering, such as engineering, computer design, maintenance -- I am going to choose the latter as it brings more prosperity to my family and my friends, which in the end makes me happier. 

I live in Japan, and Japan is a country that puts Japan first.  No one really disagrees with that. But when America wants to put itself first, everybody's nostrils start flaring.  Japan produces some of the most high-quality infrastructure and security projects in the world, and as a result is a place where people work and tourists have been flocking to Japan to admire its culture.  It didn't achieve these milestones by banging on protest drums and shouting lame slogans. Japan has realized its successes through consultation, implementation, improvement, and independence.  Japan is not a perfect place, but I admire the fastidiousness of its workers, and their admiration for high-quality standards.  

So have a listen to the podcast! See how bigoted we aren't.

39 - Stephen Deg ...returns! (Astrology)

Stephen Deg knows a lot about astrology.  Seemed fitting to have him back on the podcast and talk about 2016 and what next year has in store. Disclaimer: I am not really into astrology, but I like to listen to people know know a lot about a certain topic. Have a great year, and listen to the podcast and see what can astrology do for you! You might not believe in it, but everybody knows their celestial information!

In the introduction I talk about why 2016 is not a bad year!

Musical Guest: Mickey Acorn (Reverbnation)

Topics include:

  • Why astrology?
  • Year of the monkey
  • Year of the rooster
  • Music
  • Medical Conditions

Stephen Deg (Reverbnation) (BandCamp) (Facebook)

Matt Bigelow (CDBaby) (iTunes) (FaceBook)



34 // Japan Wanko... is back! (Tokyo Top5s) // Intro: Trolling the Trolls

Japan Wanko wanted structure in this podcast. So he came with some! We talk about our top 5 parks, train lines, and more! This podcast just might make you want to get off your ass and do something, even though you are probably an exhausted adult trying to figure out what your life is really all about.

In the intro I talk about communication issues on social media.  Trolling the trolls.

Japan Wanko (News Delivered with Forced Humour)

Matt Bigelow (iTunes) (Bandcamp) (CD Baby) 

The audio file is larger than 160mb, which SquareSpace says is too much to handle...OOOh SquareSpace can't handle it.  So, you will need to listen via Podbean, and the episode is also available for download.  So no biggie, right?

23 - Jon Hicks

Jon and I sat down at his place in Koenji and talked music, life, the Tokyo scene, aliens, conspiracy theories, drummers, and more!

The people at Squarespace do not allow audio files larger than 160 megabytes to be uploaded, so for this episode you will have to stream it from Podbean.  The link is below. FU Squarespace!  As a final note, something happened -- no audio between 52:42 to 1:26:43.  A button was slapped, perhaps, and crashed the modernity of our simplicity for only 30 minutes.  It picks up where I tells ya! 1:26:43.

Hello, World!

Jon Hicks the Dirty Ts (website) (YouTube) (Apple)

Matt Bigelow (iTunes)  (Bandcamp) (CD Baby)

12 - Alberto Garcia (Professional Guitarist)

I sat down with Alberto Garcia in Oimachi in a park next to a noodle shop next to an apartment building next to a soapland and we talked about music, studying, and Spain. I don't know why but I always bring up Beyonce in a podcast but never really think of her in real life. Hah. Guess it's the "go to" person.

Alberto Garcia -- Official Site -- Reverbnation

Matt Bigelow -- CD Baby -- Band Camp -- iTunes

8 - Duncan Walsh (the Watanabes)

Duncan and I sat down in Yoyogi Park and talked about music, Asian scams, and the highs and lows of living in Japan.

the Watanabes

the Matty B Sides

7 - Astrid (Tits, Tats, & Whiskers)