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10 - Max von Schuler-Kobayashi (Ex-spy, Pro-Emperor)

I sat down with Max von Schuler-Kobayashi and we talked about Japanese conservative politics, being an ex-spy, what it's like to be a Pro-Emperor American-born German living in Japan. . . and music. 


Max von Schuler Kobayashi

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Matt Bigelow

the Matty B Sides -- Wild Thumbprints (iTunes)

the Matty B Sides -- Wild Thumbprints (BandCamp)

the Matty B Sides -- Wild Thumbprints (CD Baby)

Matt Bigelow (Facebook)


Ep 3 -- Surf Music

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Chris Farr, aka Chicken Lips (wha?), frontman for Android Beach Party, sat in the park with a few cold ones.  We talk about music, music industry, the merits of work, and people from the future wearing strange costumes in present day Earth.
The audio is a bit buggy at the beginning of the interview, but it clears up after a couple of minutes.

Android Beach Party:

Matty B Files: