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Max Returns! Pro-Trump!

Max is an ex-Marine. He was also a double-agent Communist spy hunter in post-Vietnam Japan, and has recently written a pro-Trump book in Japanese.  Check out his blog. Check out his book.

Liberalism has gone off the rails, and in this podcast, we talk about the failing news media, why Trump won, and I also play some clips from Trump's speech in Mexico, a clip from an Islam Immam, and some other goodies as well.

Politics is very much divided at the moment, and although I am a traditional liberal, I find myself unable to really believe what liberalism has become in the past 5 years, which is to say, I do not think that identity politics being pushed by people in their 20s is going to be very helpful for me as a straight white male who wants to leave other people alone so that they can find their own prosperity in life. That's why perhaps a vote for Trump is a vote for prosperity. I don't agree with everything he says, especially about torture and the building of a wall, but I do agree that international business relationships need to change, as they are based on largely post WWII agreements.  I do believe in strong borders, and building infrastructure.  So when I look at the options -- identity politics, which are about as volatile as the bitcoin trade, or jobs related to engineering, such as engineering, computer design, maintenance -- I am going to choose the latter as it brings more prosperity to my family and my friends, which in the end makes me happier. 

I live in Japan, and Japan is a country that puts Japan first.  No one really disagrees with that. But when America wants to put itself first, everybody's nostrils start flaring.  Japan produces some of the most high-quality infrastructure and security projects in the world, and as a result is a place where people work and tourists have been flocking to Japan to admire its culture.  It didn't achieve these milestones by banging on protest drums and shouting lame slogans. Japan has realized its successes through consultation, implementation, improvement, and independence.  Japan is not a perfect place, but I admire the fastidiousness of its workers, and their admiration for high-quality standards.  

So have a listen to the podcast! See how bigoted we aren't.